2021 Events 

Liz Smith leads a group of 4

AMWA Christmas Trek - Long Distance Trek - Salisbury - 28th & 29th December 2021

Words from AMWA website:

The trek took place at Larkhill Camp, near Amesbury by kind permission of the Ministry of Defence.

Gently undulating over the Salisbury Plains, there  was a mixture of grassy trails over exposed areas, compacted mud trails through and around wooded areas, some stony areas with main vehicle transit routes consisting of hard compacted trails.  

The weather played a massive part in this years event.  Firstly the temperatures were unusually high for the time of year.   These dogs love cold weather, but do suffer in the warmer weather.  One word used for the event be classed as character building, The event started in the dark and competitors were setting off into Horizontal rain and sleet into gale force gusts.  The tracks soon became small streams of water collecting into large flooded areas.

The organisers John Binding, Steve Whitfield and their team of volunteers, put on a very good event which was well supported, as in other years.  It was however not run last year due to the Covid restrictions.

Remembrance Parade - Remembrance Sunday - 14.11.21

These photographs were taken in the morning, at the City of Bath's War Memorial, Royal Victoria Park.

This was one of the largest crowds seen at the annual Memorial service, which took place at the War Memorial, situated by the gates to the Royal Victoria Park.

The crowds seem to be on the increase each year at this service, with people standing in every available vantage point, despite there being other services at the same time, at all the other Memorials across the Country.

The Parade Commander, Captain Jonathon Ledgister  thanked all those attending and escorted the Mayor of Bath Councillor June Player around the assembled parade.

The Mayor of Bath Councillor June Player, laid a wreath of poppies along with representatives from the Royal British Legion, Baths MP Wera Hobhouse and other organisations and the Church, who were all in attendance.

Bath Spa Band played the Last Post, followed by a two-minute silence, and a wreath of poppies was also laid at the memorial by Major Roger Evans from the Royal British Legion.

Each year in the afternoon, Downside School band of Somerset Bagpipers, lead the Bath Remembrance Day Parade through the city, followed by War Veterans and representatives from the Military and other groups.

Downside’s Somerset Bagpipers played  on three occasions to entertain the crowds, twice outside the Guildhall with a counter march.  They also played in the Abbey Church yard when setting up as a rehearsal.

Haycombe Cemetery & Crematorium, Service of Remembrance - 11.11.21

The event, organised by B&NES Council’s Bereavement Services Team, took place between the Cross of Sacrifice and the Blitz graves.

The service as always, was well attended and is always held at the Haycombe War Memorial on the 11th November.

The service was led by The Reverend Canon Richard Hunt.  BANES  Chair of the Council - Councillor Lisa O'Brien and Councillors Paul Crossley and Dine Romero laid wreaths.  Other Councillors, Veterans and Undertakers also laid wreaths.

Veterans and British Legion members always attend, along with relatives of those who perished in the conflicts and the local residents.

The Veteran Service Dog Abi, also attended the service complete with her medal.

A snippet of Abi’s history:-

Abi is a cocker spaniel and was 10 years old last March.  Abi retired in 2019 after 9 yrs service, born and bred at Melton Mowbray where she passed out as a vehicle search dog, searching for arms explosives, ammunition and bomb making equipment.  Abi then spent her career based in North Luffenham, part of the military working dog regiment and served in Afghanistan.

Abi now lives with her Nan and Grandad in Bristol enjoying retirement, whilst her Mum still serves as a dog handler in the British Army.

The Last Post was played.  The "Last Post" which is a bugle call used at British or Commonwealth military funerals and ceremonies commemorating those who have been killed in war. The Last Post symbolises the duty of the dead is over and they can rest in peace. "The Rouse" is commonly played following "Last Post".

I always attend this Service to support the Somerset Light Infantry Veterans.



My photographs show how one family suffered a severe loss of five of its family members.

For information, extract from Mr Kilminster’s previous press report:


Local historian Chris Kilminster, who lost five family members, raised more than £15,000 to fund the memorial on the site of an air raid shelter hit by the bomb on 26 April 1942.

Mr Kilminster said he was "so grateful" to people who supported his campaign.

Speaking at the ceremony, Mr Kilminster said his memorial was for the 417 people who died in the Bath Blitz.

It is believed German bombers were intending to hit a nearby railway junction or gas works with the 500kg (1,100lb) bomb but fell short.

Haycombe Cemetary is also the final resting place of most of the 417 civilians that were killed in the Baedeker bombing raids in April 1942.

Bath was subject to numerous air raid warnings, as raiders flew overhead on their way to Bristol, but none were dropped on the town itself.  This changed in April 1942 with the start of the Baedeker Blitz.

The Baedeker Raids of 1942

The Baedeker Raids or Baedeker Bombings took place between April and June 1942. The Baedeker bombing raids on old historic English cities were named after the Baedeker travel guidebooks that the Germans used to identify their targets, which were three-starred, i.e. worth visiting, old English cities.
Bath Blitz
Over the weekend of 25 - 27 April 1942, Bath suffered three raids, from 80 Luftwaffe aircraft which took off from Nazi occupied northern France.

As the city sirens wailed, few citizens took cover, even when the first pathfinder flares fell, the people of Bath still believed the attack was destined for nearby Bristol. During the previous four months Bristol had been hit almost every night, so the people of Bath did not expect the bombs to fall on them.

The first raid struck just before 11 pm on the Saturday night and lasted until 1 am. The German aircraft then returned to France, refuelled, rearmed and returned at 4.35 am. Bath was still on fire from the first raid, making it easier for the German bombers to pick out their targets. The third raid, which only lasted two hours but caused extensive damage, commenced in the early hours of Monday morning. The bombers flew low to drop their high explosives and incendiaries and then returned to rake the streets with machine-gun fire.

417 people were killed, another 1,000 injured. Over 19,000 buildings were affected, of which 1,100 were seriously damaged or destroyed, including 218 of architectural or historic interest. Houses in the Royal Crescent, Circus and Paragon were destroyed and the Assembly Rooms were burnt out. A 500 kilograms (1,100 lb) high explosive bomb landed on the south side of Queen Square, resulting in houses on the south side being damaged. The Francis Hotel lost 24 metres (79 ft) of its hotel frontage, and most of the buildings on the square suffered some level of shrapnel damage. Casualties on the Square were low considering the devastation, with the majority of hotel guests and staff having taken shelter in the hotel's basement.

Carters Steam Fair - Croxley Green to Basingstoke - 21.09.21 & 26.09.21
Tuesdays is always moving day at Carters Steam Fair, with Mandy, Tony Beeching , Joby Carter and Seth Carter all running several  loads over the day with other drivers, to move the fair in one day, from Croxley Green to Basingstoke.
I returned on Sunday to see the steam engines powering the rides.  These two old stable mates were working together, as they probably did years ago, when owned and run by Edwards Brothers showmen of Swindon.
Although they have briefly teamed up on rallies during the season, this time they were the main means of power for the Carters Steam Fair.  Joby Carter like others, found himself almost overnight in a fuel supply crisis.
Joby, being part of the Carter Family of Showmen and the person who now runs the travelling heritage steam fair, decided to do what he does every year at Pinkney’s Green and run the whole fair on steam power.
Joby runs some of the heritage rides on steam coal all the time anyway, so a couple more mouths to feed on coal, although not planned for, was always an option subject to engines being available.  Fortunately both Earl Kitchener and Progress were available and both are stabled quite close by.
Progress was motored down under steam from Hungerford and met up with its old stable mate on Friday, ready to go to work at the fair, at the Memorial Ground in Basingstoke for the weekend.  Sunday evening as the fair closed, they headed back home on the road, job done to everyone’s pleasure.
Earl Kitchener 
One of the fleet of engines owned once by Mr R Edwards, Showman of Swindon. Possibly his favourite engine and certainly a very local engine, having never really been based far from its home town of Swindon.
1915 Burrell Showman’s Road Locomotive (HR3964) Earl Kitchener 7nhp Engine No 3651
Supplied new to heavy haulage contractors E Hill & Sons of Swindon.
It was purchased by R Edwards & Sons the well known Swindon Showman and converted to full Showman’s specification being much admired and very well known throughout the fairs of the West Country for many years.
The engine stayed with the Edwards family at Swindon until 1986.
Purchased by Keith Emett at Auction, then sold in the 1989 to DG Corbin & Sons, Sixpenny Handley.
Purchased in 1991 by the present owner who has carried out major repairs.
Owned by David Fowler, Pamber Green, Tadley Hants.
Burrell Showmans Road Locomotive 3950, "Progress"
Built in 1923,  Registration: MO 2916: Class: D: Cylinders: Compound: NHP: 5:
The engine is owned by The Newton Family of Hungerford in Berkshire.
It was built for timber haulage and converted to full showman's specification in 1932 and was last used by Mr R Edwards, Showman of Swindon fair in 1941.
It was then stored until 1987 and has been subsequently restored.
Berwick One Day Bash - 18.09.21
This year saw the Berwick One Day Bash in aid of the Salisbury Hospital’s Stars Appeal organised by the Berwick St John Country Fayre team.
The day was in the normal 'parking' field with beautiful views across the valley.  The sun shone and a wonderful day was had.
One of my first stops was to see the 'WW1 boys', who were back in uniform!  In the surroundings and atmosphere staged at the Berwick St John Bash, with the 'boys' back in uniform I found Curator Rowlie Moores winding up a lovely old gramaphone.  He was also supported by some of his team including Paul Violet and Ian Morgan.
Over the years, they have been putting on displays at many events and occasions in and around Dorset.  Until COVID-19 hit the scene, they would have been at the Great Dorset Steam Fair’s World War 1 trenches and bunkers.
CTP Autumn Road Run - 05.09.21
I had the pleasure of joining the CTP Road run which was a round trip starting and finishing at Salisbury Livestock Market taking in the New Forest and the seaside!
One of my stops for photographs was the beautiful Green Dragon at Brook, a traditional listed Grade II thatched country pub.  My sincere thanks to the landlord who permitted me to park on site, to enable me to get some photographs, which was very much appreciated due to my health at this current time.  
If you are in the area do pop in, you won't be dissapointed.  I understand the odd steam engine stops over as well.
The White Horse Inn 'Steam Up', Stourpaine - 04.09.21 & 05.09.21
What an amazing gathering at The White Horse Inn, a traditional public house, in the village of Stourpaine.  The White Horse Inn is also the local shop and post office and a welcome ice cream was had!
The steam up weekend is normally earlier in the season but as always due to lockdown it was prevented from taking place, therefore, re-arranged for September.
A lovely mix of full size steam and miniature road steam could be seen, during perfect September weather.
An event not to be missed!
Basingstoke Festival Of Transport - 22.08.21
Basingstoke Festival of Transport returned after a sixteen month break due to Covid-19 celebrating its 30th anniversary.
This year’s festival was organised jointly by the Thornycroft Society and Basingstoke Deane Rotary and supported by Basingstoke and Deane Borough Council, was held in the War Memorial Park.  The show attracts more than 700 vehicles and around 15,000 people.
Entry was free as always, with a £2.00 charge for the car park.  Very good value for money!
Imberbus - 21.08.21
(Extract from imberbus.org)
Imberbus 2021 was held on Saturday 21st August  when more than 18 old and new Routemaster buses (plus a few guest vehicles) operated from Warminster to Imber and other points on Salisbury Plain.
A major difference to the event this year was that on this date, access to Imber was only possible using the Imberbuses themselves.  Cars, motorbikes, cycles, scooters or pedestrians were not permitted access to the military roads on this date, so anyone that wanted to drive their own vehicle to Imber had to delay their trip until the following weekend when the road through Imber was available to all vehicles.  
Please see route and timetable in pdf format.
 Important features of this year’s Imberbus included:
  • At least 25 buses in operation, some of which were wheelchair accessible.
  • Departures approximately every 15 minutes from Warminster Station to Imber from 9.45am onwards.
  • Buses serving Tilshead, Chitterne, West Lavington, Market Lavington and Brazen Bottom twice an hour throughout the day.
  • Buses twice an hour to New Zealand Farm Camp until early afternoon.
  • One morning and two afternoon journeys running direct between Warminster and Chitterne (not via Imber).
  • Most journeys operated by at least 2 vehicles.​

​Imber Church was open for viewing and refreshments from 10:00 to 18:00.   Refreshments were also available at Caspers Cafe on Platform 1 of Warminster Station and at the village halls in Chitterne and Tilshead.  Refreshments at Chitterne Village hall sampled and excellent, even taking card payments!


In addition, cream teas were served in the Old School House next to Market Lavington Church between Midday and 5pm;

Imber Bus Map 2021


Imberbus 2021 Summary Timetable

WAPG - 29th Vintage Tractor Road Run - 08.08.21
I was delighted to join the road run for a few photographs, despite the wet weather!
The road run set off at 10:30 from Totteridge Farm, Milton Lilbourne  and followed the following route:
Little Salisbury-Sunnyhill-Wilcot-Manningford Bruce-North Newnton-HALF WAY at Woodborough-Alton Barnes-Clatford-West Woods-Clench Common-Wootton Rivers-Little Salisbury.
Thank you to eveyone for their hospitality.

Carter's Steam Fair, Bath - 07.08.21 to 22.08.21


These photographs were taken as the fair arrived early in the morning and their preparations to open up for the public in Royal Victoria Park, Bath.  I was at The Royal Victoria Park Bath, for the arrival of the large convoy of Carters Fair Vehicles as they arrived all the way from their White Waltham base.  This is no mean feat for normal vehicles etc but with a travelling heritage fair and some slow moving vintage lorries it’s an epic journey.
Joby Carter spent his birthday building up the fair ground rides, just another day for the fair showman.
Not all of the vintage rides are out at the moment due to restoration work - every winter, months are spent.
Wiltshire Vehicle & Machinery Enthusiasts Tractor Road Run - 11.07.21
The road run started at Down Farm, Everleigh and the halfway point was at Chute Club.  
Lockdown and COVID-19, has taken its toll on each and everyone of its members.  However, the new club was pleased to host a Tractor Road Run.
The 2021 Road Run
The Road Run was a 28 mile route in the local area that featured vintage tractors and was open to members and non-members, with lunch which was held at The Chute Social Club.
The start/end point was at Down Barn Farm in Everleigh.  Trailer parking was made available at the road run courtesy of Mr Waight.
Gathering started from 08:30 and they set off at around 10:00.  There were COVID-19 safety measures in place to protect those attending.  Participants were also asked to bring their own lunch.  As usual, this was a very well run event with a compact route which the club members and guests all enjoyed.
Aaron Vallis  and his team organised this event, so very well done to him.  A very pleasing day out into some areas I had not visited for several years.
The Route
The actual mileage on the public highway was carefully kept to a minimum, with the majority of the route on byways and smaller country roads.
The circular route kept the entries  close to the clubs Pewsey base and the entries were escorted front and rear by officials, to minimise any congestion. Marshalls were also posted on some junctions.
From the start point the route headed east, towards Everleigh passing the hanger at Everleigh Satellite Landing Ground. The most tangible clue of the area's existence is the Super Robin hangar.  The former landing ground is situated just to the north of Everleigh.
The route travelled a short distance along the A342, then branched off towards Collingbourne Ducis, crossing the A338 and out towards the Shears Arms, where the route turned left towards the Fair Mile, then turned right passing the racing stables at Herridge Stud Farm and on to Collingbourne Woods.
This woodland is made up of Collingbourne and Coldridge woods, both ancient woods to the south of Savernake Forest, which are predominantly broadleaf and in particular beech.
A brief halt was taken in the woods near Gammons Farm to allow the crews to have a relaxing few minutes.  The route then turned left onto the Chute causeway and then turned right down through the Chutes to the social club halfway halt.
The route after the break passed by Conholt Park and then through Fosbury and passing Oxenwood and Tidcombe.
A left turn for a short distance on the A338 took the route onto the Fair Mile  with a trip down the old Brunton Hill Climb, then passing through the village and left back onto the A338 at Collingbourne Kingston before turning right onto the byway at Mill Lane and back towards Everleigh.
At the junction to the road that runs from Everleigh to Pewsey, a problem occurred, when a national cycle race was in action on the same road being travelled back to the end of the route.  However, access to this road was totally blocked by the spectators.  The tractors had travelled along the byway to this point, only to find the byway illegally blocked by many parked cars.
After  a few heated words with  some of these spectators a race organiser was contacted.  The lady concerned completely understood the situation  and agreed that the tractors could be allowed back to the finish point in convoy with a rear escort. ( a very sensible organiser, who did not hesitate to act).  How the same roads, came to be permitted to use the same route, at the same time, could have been extremely dangerous.

If you have any queries or wish to purchase a photograph, please contact me:


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  • Eleanor firmstone (Thursday, January 23 20 09:20 am GMT)

    Hi, do you have any information on the steam roller ru7342. We now own the roller and wondered what year this was taken.
    Thanks Eleanor

  • Sarah Mitchell (Wednesday, September 11 19 10:31 pm BST)

    Hi there is a wonderful picture you took of a dear friend of mine on his journey to the gdsf this year. It is in the western daily press dated 22/08/19 Carl Brown roading the Marshall to gdsf. I cannot locate this picture on any website to purchase and was hoping i could purchase through yourself many thanks Sarah

  • John Baines (Friday, April 05 19 03:45 pm BST)

    Have you any photogaphs of James & Crockerills yard in Durrington? Their MD Peter Barber owned the Burrell Scenic Road loco 'Prince of Wales@ and other engines including Burrell roller 'Daffodil'

  • Zoe Read (Saturday, March 02 19 07:08 pm GMT)

    I see you already have dates for this one but I wondered if you would consider adding Purbeck Rally to your event list?
    9th -11th August
    worgret road, wareham, dorset, BH20 6AB
    Raising funds for Forest Holme Hospice Charity & other local causes.

  • Andrew Gray (Wednesday, February 20 19 07:55 pm GMT)

    Is that Mr Dimmer and the train made at Durrington Sec Modern, I started there 1963 and left 1968. Mr Dimmer (Regg) was such a great teacher. Wonderful set of images to treasure. p.s we met today at the Boscombe Down Tornado fly past.

  • Jamie (Saturday, September 01 18 01:39 am BST)


    I am Jamie. One of the coalomen from last weeks steam fair. I know you mentioned taking lots of photos of us and it would be lovely to see them. Please get back to me when you can with prices ect i will most certainly purchase a few! In the meantime i will admire wgat you have on your page here already, hope you enjoyed the show! Speak soon


  • Don Russell (Friday, August 17 18 08:51 am BST)

    Hullo, found your site when looking for GDSF info. I was wondering if you had any information regarding engines travelling to the GDSF. I read engines will be raising money for cancer on there journey but I cannot find any info regarding route and timings.Thanks

  • Brian Moore (Saturday, August 04 18 12:40 pm BST)

    Thanks David: Brian

  • Peter Freeman (Thursday, May 10 18 09:56 pm BST)

    Fantastic site, easy to read and great pics! Keep up the good work.

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